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  • Angeline, Peter J. - Senior Staff Scientist for Natural Selection, Inc., a consulting firm based in San Diego.
  • Carlisle, Anthony J. - Associate Professor at Huntingdon College. You can download his papers at the site.
  • Eberhart, Russell C. - One of the founders of particle swarm optimization. IEEE fellow
  • Engelbrecht, Andries P. - Computational Intelligence Research Group, University of Pretoria. Research is done in theoretical aspects of PSO and developing new improved PSO models.
  • Fukuyama, Yoshikazu - His research interests include application of intelligent systems to power systems and power systems analysis. Some of his papers can be downloaded from the website.
  • Hu, Xiaohui - PhD student at Purdue University, research focus is biomedical data analysis and computational intelligence, especially particle swarm optimization.
  • Kennedy, James - One of the founders of particle swarm optimization. research psychologist at bureau of labor statistics
  • Mohan, Chilukuri - Professor at Syracuse University, research interests include evolutionary algorithms and artificial neural networks.
  • Parsopoulos, Konstantinos - Ph.D. candidate, Department of Mathematics, University of Patras, Greece
  • Shi, Yuhui - Researcher in Particle swarm optimization, fuzzy logic, evolutionary computation.
  • Sinclair, Mark C. - researh interests include telecommunications network design, evolutionary algorithms, bbject technology, software agents. you can find a java applet that shows how pso works.
  • van den Bergh, Frans - researcher at University of Pretoria, South Africa. He is working on some enhancements to the basic Particle Swarm Optimizer
  • Xie, Xiaofeng - researcher in particle swarm and other evolutionary algorithms.